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Scooby-Doo: Monster Hunters episodes-

A New Beginning: Five months after the events of "Mystery Incorporated, Season 1", the broken gang must pull together again when they hear Fred Jones has gone missing. While looking for a lead, they recieve help from a young man named Toby Carter, who says he is a professional monster-hunter.

Cold as Clay: Reunited with Fred and their confidence restored, Mystery Inc. continue to fight back against the Ingrati with their new-found allies, the Night-Terrors. Meanwhile, a young girl in the suburbs is attacked in her own home by some strange creature.

Taste of a Scooby Snack: Carter gets Scooby and Shaggy into the San Ventura annual Lobster-eating contest, but a ghostly chef is ruining the festivities. While Fred, Daphne and Velma try to solve the mystery behind the ghosts appearances, Carter wants Scooby and Shaggy to stay at the contest and eat the most lobsters so he can win a bet against some neighborhood bullies.

The Dancing Dark: The gang arrive to investigate in a hospital when a patient says his shadow attacked him. When a sudden wind-storm knocks the power out, the gang must stay to help everyone they can when they encounter a very deadly monster that hides in the darkened halls of the hospital.

The Road to Redemption: A headless biker steals Carter's chopper and tries to kill the gang with a stolen katana. To complicate things further, the Wild Brood arrive in town to help the gang, which causes Carter to question his morals as a Night-Terror; Fred worries that he will lose Daphne to Obnar again.

To LARP, or Not To LARP?: When some role-playing teenagers go missing in the northern woods, the gang investigate. Once there, they find a strange portal monolith that sends them back through time to the medievel age, where they must help defend King Arthur's caslte of Camelot from a troll attack.

Cutting Seams: Don't say his name! A kid's summer camp in the woods becomes the battleground between Mystery Incorporated and the murderous urban legend called "Candlejack".


Personae Non Gratae: Carter and Spanky intercept a distress call from the northern, rural town of Notchville, outside of San Ventura. When they reach Notchville, they are greeted by normal, friendly people instead of monsters of any kind; Carter and Velma suspect foul play.

Small Feet, Big Trouble: San Ventura is invaded by a colony of mischievous imps. Where did these little buggers come from?

Beyond The Clouds: The gang is hired by the Scottish Special Forces to hunt down Dragons attacking towns near the Scottish Highlands, but are dragons really the cause of such destruction?

It Came From the Bay: Riptide are ready for another surfing-contest, but a sea-monster attacks, forcing Mystery Inc. to take the case.
Sorry that I have not posted Act 2 of episode 1 yet, that part of the story had to be remade because of plot-holes. For the time being, here are some synopses of episode scripts I have completed and some W.I.P.'s. Enjoy, and let me know of which episode you would like to hear next once ep. 1 is completed.
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December 3, 2012
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