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Cartoonist-in-training and occasional guitarist. I am Alpha and Omega; The beginning and the end. I am the harbinger of life, and I am the destroyer of worlds.

Turn around and look at the mess you have made trying to bury me.
It's all crumbling down now.
You've wasted so much of my time and other people's loyalty for your simplistic ends.
Do you feel powerful now?
My body grows stronger with every slice of the words and
You are on your final stone, so
Breathe, flow, turn and



King of The Monsters

The Series

By Evan Rensi

Synopsis: Set two years after the events of Legendary Pictures' "Godzilla," the world has finally recovered from the threat of the MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism). The monsters are gone,
...or so we all thought.
In the wake of another vicious monster attack, Godzilla makes his return to unleash his rage on other warring creatures and on us pitiful humans. Also returning to the line of duty are Lieutenant Ford Brody, a member of the elite E.O.D. squad, and Dr's Ishiro Serizawa and Vivienne Graham, members of the MUTO-studying faction known as "Monarch." While trying to combat the monsters, the team makes a chilling discovery: Someone is creating MUTO's. Along the way, they befriend other talented individuals: Joel Masur, a San Franciscan photographer, Selene Roman, a Navy Captain, and Amy Hinata, an animal rights activist. As the world adjusts to the presence of the monsters, Serizawa and Monarch search for clues to the shadowy mystery of code-name "Lock," an illegal underground operation involving man-made MUTO's, all while trying to contain and study Godzilla.

This is not war. This is evolution.

Human Characters

⦁    Ford Brody: U.S. Marine lieutenant Ford Brody is part of an elite bomb-squad known as "Explosive Ordinance Disposal," or EOD. After returning to his home in San Francisco, Ford stayed behind to care for his family. Now, he must once again brave the dangers of the MUTO's and Godzilla himself.

⦁ Ishiro Serizawa: Some say his father was the one who found and named Godzilla, so the Serizawa family name has become legend in Monarch. Dr. Serizawa is a paleontologist and investigator for the MUTO-hunting group. He has been studying Godzilla for years and will continue to do so for as long as he can.

⦁ Vivienne Graham: Vivienne Graham is Serizawa's partner in the Monarch group. Her dedication to Monarch and her understanding of the MUTO's have seen her through many dangerous missions and has taken Amy under her wing as her student.

⦁ Joel Masur: A photographer with a wise-guy attitude, Joel has yearned to get a perfect photo of Godzilla and the other monsters. Unlike the rest of his team, Joel just wants to get his photos so he can make some "big money." However, beneath the sarcastic, puerile, and sometimes cowardly photographer is a heroic Joel with a lot of potential.

⦁ Amy Hinata: Amy Hinata is a young biologist who has taken an interest in the MUTO's. She has investigated several animal abuse cases and has even joined the Association of the Universal Rights of Animals (aka, A.U.R.A.) to further strengthen her cause. Now a member of Monarch, Amy plans to study Godzilla and other MUTO's and learn their biology. She truly believes humans and MUTO's can co-exist in peace. Despite being the shortest of her teammates, Amy is quite feisty and resourceful.

⦁ Selene Roman: A NAVY captain and Joel's ex-girlfriend, Selene is well-respected and feared by her crew on the U.S.S. Corelia, Monarch's new mobile base and headquarters. While being passive and respectful towards dr. Serizawa, Graham  and Ford, Selene is quite indifferent to Amy and could not care less for Joel. Selene does whatever she can to protect her team and crew but wishes to deal some serious damage to Godzilla and the MUTO's, and that could cause some problems within the team.

⦁ Edward Milner: Congressman and California State senator Edward Milner has stirred up some controversy surrounding his filibuster on sending resurgence packages to his own home-state and Hawaii. His excuse: "We need to focus on the monsters. We need to put all our money on the defense budget and annihilate the MUTO's before they make another attack on us." Milner's unhealthy obsession with the creatures could spell doom for him, ...or us.

⦁ Lock: Discovered by Ford and Joel, the collective entity known only as "Lock" is associated with illegal experiments on animals which create MUTO's. Little is known about these terrorists but they seem to have great influence over some small governments around the globe.

⦁ AURA: The "Association of The Universal Rights of Animals" are a large activist faction who recently extended their protection to the MUTO's. Unlike their best member, Amy Hinata, AURA's political standing and regard for humanity have recently come under question.

MUTO's and Daikaiju

⦁ Godzilla: The "King of The Monsters," as Joel calls him. An ancient alpha-predator from the Permian Period, Godzilla's strength and tenacity has seen him through many battles against other monsters and MUTO's. Uncontrollable and unpredictable, Godzilla could randomly appear and make land-fall at any place at any time, which leaves Monarch constantly on his tail, figuratively and literally. When not hunting MUTO's, Godzilla lives a peaceful and isolated life in many secluded islands or the ocean depths.

⦁ A Sujeira: If Godzilla is Death, then A Sujeira is Pestilence. A Sujeira is a rat-MUTO that was mutated by industrial radiation and was growing in the abandoned tunnels underneath New York city's Grand Central Station. However, new evidence suggests A Sujeira was, in fact, mutated intentionally by external forces. While being smaller than Godzilla, A Sujeira carries a lethal bacterium mutated from a dormant strain of Bubonic Plague, which raises his threat level significantly. While ferocious and vile, he is quite unthinking and temperamental.

⦁ Gamuto: Another MUTO from Godzilla's time, Gamuto is a deep-sea dwelling creature who has adapted to living in complete darkness. He is blind but has a special frill on his jaw that is used for echolocation. Gamuto is highly attracted to high-frequency sounds, like the call of a whale, or the hum of a nuclear-submarine's reactor...

⦁ Kakios: A legendary statue of the ancient Roman colossus, Kakios, seemingly came to life and began to attack random cities. It seemed the roman gods were displeased with man's arrogance. However, to Monarch's knowledge, Kakios is no ordinary statue but a colony of silicon-based MUTO's living in the metallic shell of the colossus, all working as one collective entity. They share a distaste for cooler temperatures.

⦁ Duna Olatunde: The lion-MUTO known as Duna Olatunde (African for "The Leader of Our Salvation") is revered by the people of Africa as a heroic creature and a symbol of hope and pride. The gargantuan lion destroyed an illegal mining facility and inadvertently liberated the kidnapped workers. Duna was only following his instincts; The facility was encroaching on his territory. While being an instinctive rival to Godzilla, Duna seems to show respect for the millennium-old lizard.

⦁ Cryonoia: A MUTO made entirely of ice, Cryonoia was disturbed by humans drilling for oil in the arctic ice-sheet. He left his den and made his way south, freezing over cities and leaving intense blizzards in his wake. It seems that Cryonoia will not stop until earth has entered a premature ice-age, and he is it's vanguard.

⦁ Absolute & Altimeter: Two crab-MUTO's whose irradiated spawn were caught and sold as food in New Orleans for the annual Mardi Gras festival. Absolute is a variant species of Fiddler crab and Altimeter an ancestor to the Spider-crab.

⦁ Quasimodo: This grotesque MUTO is a one-of-a-kind; Instead of attacking cities, he somehow attacks people in their subconscious, turning their dreams into life-threatening nightmares. Quasimodo resembles a human but is so deformed a photo-comparison is near impossible. Is Quasimodo a human being mutated by radiation?

⦁ Odysseus: The tallest MUTO ever discovered, Odysseus is estimated to be 600 meters tall, while Godzilla is only 106. The Man O War-MUTO is not one creature but a colony of organisms called Polyps. Odysseus is bio-electric and can cast his own lightning charges, which some people mistaken for inclement weather. Unlike other Man O War, Odysseus drifts through the air, letting the wind guide him.
Godzilla: KoTM- The Series
If Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures were to make an animated series, this would be my story pitch. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

Godzilla belongs to Toho, no copyright intended.

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